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Privacy Policy


The Italian Law number 675/96 grants that the treatment of personal information happens in the respect of fundamental freedom principles, as well as the dignity of each individual, specifically referred to privacy and personal ID. First s.r.l. keeps your data lawfully and with fairness, fully respecting rights and especially privacy.

Pursuant to Article 10 of the aforesaid law First s.r.l. informs that data handling (which will happen via computer) has the only aim of concluding the contract and shipment procedures of the ordered articles.

Moreover, First s.r.l. informs that data will be handled also with the aim of supplying the website's information: news, initiatives, workshops, formation and promo.

In NO case First s.r.l. will use the information database for different aims than the aforesaid, not even for the transmission to third-party companies. Relating to the data treatment policies, the rights provided by Article 13 of the law 675/96 can be exercised at the propriate fora. Personal data can be verified and deleted at any time.

The holder of data handling is: First S.r.l., Corso Garibaldi 188, 80142 Naples, Italy.



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Examples of use:
•    They make certain services possible, such as payment, which would not work otherwise
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•    They recognise that you already supplied a user name and a password when you logged in, and therefore you will not need to repeat this operation for every requested web page
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If you do not authorise the use of cookies, certain functions and pages will not work as they are meant to.
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