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About Us

Singolare (sin·go·là·re - adjective): unique, singular, characteristic, remarkable. A series of adjectives which suitably define our historical boutique located in Naples, southern Italy, since 1982.

Our vision focuses on exclusive elegance and a close research in avant-garde and high-end products, to guarantee the maximum quality and service as well as the highest satisfaction to all of our physical and online costumers.

Our philosophy is "wearing good, feeling better", meaning that clothing isn't about to appear, rather to feel. Our objective is to imprint a sign in our territory's awareness about the fashion world and what revolves around it, possibly spreading and sharing our point of view outside territorial boundaries.

Today Singolare represents an absolute and established reality capable of offering a distinctive luxury away from standards, thanks to a constant and careful research aimed at providing rare and exclusive garments for avant-garde and fashion connoisseurs.


Our stores in Naples:

MAN - Corso Garibaldi, 238         MAN - Via Scarlatti, 84

WOMAN - Corso Garibaldi, 210

OUTLET - Corso Garibaldi, 188