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VAVA Eyewear

  • The spirit of VAVA Eyewear is derived from today’s post-industrial society and the growing belief of belonging to a post-human age. VAVA’s mission is to represent the mankind being in control of the technological world and at the same time in control of himself, expressing the antithesis of acceleration and rest. We strive for a contemporary pared back look in conjunction with the futurism, conceptualism and purism that is associated with Techno. The spirit of VAVA is based on the same principle: VAVA is conceptual and visionary in its essence. VAVA associates the highly conceptual language of machinery and the arts. Everybody at VAVA lives by this philosophy, providing great consistency to this vision. The collection is handmade at a small family-owned Italian factory and we pride ourselves on avoiding mass production. This gives us the freedom of creation and ensures outstanding quality.