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Les (Art)ists

  • CLUB LES (ART)ISTS is a French independant fashion label created in 2012 by friends from Paris and imagined like a sporting club, a team that includes contemporary artists from art, fashion and music. The brand started to sell t-shirts inspired by US Football jerseys with the name of the artist and the year of birth on the back, in white and black colours imagined as home and away jersey.
    Mixing sport and street culture with art and fashion references, CLUB LES (ART)ISTS offers unisex classic items with an athletic touch for a casual look with tees, jerseys, flanel shirts, crewneck sweaters, hoodies, caps and accessories.

    Nowadays, thanks to a great success among lots of big names, the products are produced in limited quantities and can be found only in some of the best stores selected around the world.