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  • Incarnation is the men's leather apparel line established in 2009 by japanese designer Keita Ogawa, who has always been fascinated by leather world and accumulated throughout the years several experiences with some of the most renowned leather artisans. This way Keita learnt all advanced knowledge in leather working methods - such as old tanning techniques, hand-dye coloring and primitive treatment - ending up in collaborating with italian tannery Guidi in Tuscany, where he currently craft the finest hides to create all Incarnation unique pieces.

    The brand-name "Incarnation" comes from the designer's interpretation of leather that become a unique with the wearer skin thanks to the minimal design, finest cut and exquisite soft fabric.


Incarnation Pants
100% Cotton Asymmetrical Pants Drop Crotch   ..
610.00€ 220.00€